On the Mystic’s Path: Part Eight

I kept going to the Rime Center. I started taking my daughter Nissa to the Dharma School. It’s like a Sunday School for children of Buddhist parents. I also started volunteering there once in a while. I met a lot of great people.

Practicing at the Rime Center inspired me to write a book. I wrote and published: “Unleash Your Buddha Nature”. Some of my friends bought it.

Also, I had a book signing at a store that doesn’t exist anymore called Stone Spirit Lodge. At that book signing I met a Zen teacher, the first one I would meet, but not the last. I’ll come back to that later.

The book was mediocre at best. But, I suppose it was a pretty good representation of what I was feeling about Buddhist practice at the time.

(I’ve written three books since then. The only good book that I’ve written is “Notes From a Buddhist Mystic”. Look for it on Amazon)

Ultimately, the guy that was running the Dharma School that my daughter attended and I occasionally volunteered in decided he was going to quit. He had been doing it for two years (which seemed like a long time at the time. HA.)

I didn’t take over Dharma School then. My friend Amanda did. (she was and is a dear friend. I introduced her to the man she would marry).

But, I did become her assistant, her second in command. That’s when I started going to Dharma School every week. She was a natural at teaching kids. That was a skill I had to cultivate.

It was during this period that my practice split into two parts. I would continue practicing at the Rime Center, although that mainly consisted of teaching children, but I also joined a Zen Order.

But my first experience with Zen was not to last.


About Daniel Scharpenburg

Daniel Scharpenburg is an independent dharma teacher living in Kansas City. He gives online teachings through the Open Heart Project. His writing has appeared in Lion's Roar, Patheos, Tattooed Buddha, and Elephant Journal.

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