On the Mystic’s Path: Part Twelve

This will be the end of the story for now.

First of all, I recently resigned from my position teaching meditation to kids at the Rime Center. Nothing bad happened. I’ve just been doing it for over three years and I want to pursue other things. My daughter doesn’t really want to do it anymore, and I certainly wouldn’t want to force my beliefs on her. She’s 8, certainly old enough to think for herself.

I’ve been studying with my teacher Shi Da Dao for two years. He gave me authorization to teach Ch’an style meditation a while ago, but I have not received Dharma Transmission. Our lineage makes no distinction between monastics and laypeople, so even if I do receive Dharma Transmission, I won’t become a monk. I have learned so much information about Ch’an history and philosophy and I am happy to be in the lineage of Ch’an Master Xu Yun.

I ran a meditation group for a few months which I called “Far Out Zen”. It didn’t last long because the place I was using, a place called the Evolving Center, closed down. I intend to start a meditation group again next year, after I buy a new house. I think I’d rather have it in my home than in someone else’s space anyway. I don’t think the right students found me when I was teaching at the Evolving Center. I’m believe at some point they will.

I don’t know what the future holds.

For now I’m just striding through the universe.


About Daniel Scharpenburg

Daniel Scharpenburg is an independent dharma teacher living in Kansas City. He gives online teachings through the Open Heart Project. His writing has appeared in Lion's Roar, Patheos, Tattooed Buddha, and Elephant Journal.

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