When we’re in serious Buddhist training we should be engaged in mindfulness all the time, not simply when we are on the cushion. Sacredness isn’t limited to temples, the whole world is our temple.

When we are in training, ideally our bodies and minds are controlled. If we aren’t in control of ourselves, then we can cause harm to ourselves and others, which would be unfortunate.

In our practice, when we use a stabilization method such as following the breath, chanting a mantra, or burning incense, our purpose is to ensure that we are controlling our bodies and minds. There are many methods for self control.

When we sit in meditation, a natural position is best. Straighten your back as much as you can. If you start to slouch your back might start to hurt.

When our meditation practice becomes effective, there will be distractions. Mental states will arrive but we cannot cling to them. If we just observe them and let them go, then they will no longer hinder us.

Even if you get really bizarre or unexpected feelings, you should just notice them and not be afraid of them.