Daniel Scharpenburg, Dharma Teacher

I’m now officially a Dharma teacher at the Rime Center in Kansas City. I’m leading Monday night Zen meditation and I’ll be teaching classes, starting with a class on the Diamond Sutra this spring. It’s a great and wonderful opportunity and I’m very happy that Lama Matt has given it to me. He’s given me the title Gegan, which is a Tibetan word that means ‘teacher’.

Here’s my bio as it appears on the Rime Center website.

Gegan Daniel Scharpenburg (Zhao Dao)

me 2Daniel runs the Monday night Zen group at the Rime Center. He’s studied with a wide variety of different Buddhist teachers and is a dedicated follower of the Zen tradition. He received personal instruction from Shi Da Dao, in the Caodong tradition, and he has served as jisha (personal attendant) to Karen Maezen Miller on a Zen retreat. He gives teachings on the internet through Daily Dharma Gathering. He writes a weekly column for the website thetattooedbuddha.com called Striding Through the Universe. Daniel has taken Bodhisattva Vows and is a Certified Meditation Instructor.