Daniel teaches at Ubuntu Village every Monday at 7pm. Daniel also hosts a podcast called The Kansas City Meditation Podcast.

Daniel started practicing meditation in 2000 after some personal tragedies. He’s been teaching meditation and leading meditation events since 2010.

In 2011 he received Meditation Instructor Training from Lama Chuck Stanford. He did some koan study with Sunyananda Dharma in 2013 and spent a very brief period as a zen monk. He learned Mindfulness of Breathing from Santikaro on retreat in 2015. He was trained in Silent Illumination practice by Shi Da Dao in 2016.

In 2018 Daniel received further training in Chan Meditation by YaoXin Shakya and was declared a dharma teacher and chan priest in the Dharma Winds lineage. He was given the name QianMing, which means Supreme Clarity.

Daniel next intends to learn about Vipassana meditation by studying with Venerable Bhante Nanda. Daniel’s philosophy is that teachers should never stop learning.



If you’re interested in:

  • Meditation instruction
  • Learning more about Buddhism
  • Taking Precepts (becoming a Buddhist)
  • Having a teacher
  • Spiritual guidance
  • or if you just have questions

You can contact me Here.




The Kansas City Meditation Podcast