Daniel  Scharpenburg is a writer and independent Dharma teacher in the tradition of Ch’an Adepts and Bodhisattvas.

He lives in Kansas City with two kids and two cats. He’s a Dharma teacher at The Open Heart Project.  He also runs the Monday Night Zen Group at the Rime Buddhist Center.

Once a Novice Monk, after some training he became a monk school dropout.

He received a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Kansas, which people told him would always be useless. That’s where he learned how to write essays and other non-fiction.

In his day job he does paperwork for the government.

He wrote a book called Notes From a Buddhist Mystic .

Taking his inspiration mainly from Zen renegades and madmen like Ikkyu and Han Shan, Daniel has committed himself to a dedicated study of the Prajnaparamita teachings and the Way of the Bodhisattva.

Daniel was transmitted the Caodong Ch’an lineage of Master Xu Yun and given the dharma name Zhao Dao (shining path).

He has taken Bodhisattva Vows. He has received, through various teachers, training in teachings such as Silent Illumination, Hua Tou,  Sutra study, and Lojong. Daniel is a frequent guest teacher on Daily Dharma Gathering.

Connect with him on Facebook.

He has a column at Patheos: Buddhist called Bodhisattva Road:
Bodhisattva Road

And a column at The Tattoed Buddha called Striding Through The Universe:
Tattooed Buddha






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  1. Dear Daniel,

    I am a KC resident and recent transplant from Los Angeles that just launched http://www.silentstrength.org. I have been looking for a Buddhist community and have been to Rime 6-7 times since first moving here. I have also brought my son, Connor, to the day care and he loves it. Anyway, I wanted to see if you may be free for coffee or tea as I would love some advice of my website and possibly figure out a way to do some collective good together. You may reach me at Sebastian.hitzig@silentstrength.org or 310.570.7514. Many Thanks, Sebastian

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