Bodhisattva Mindfulness

There’s a long section in “Way of the Bodhisattva” where Shantideva writes about mindfulness. I’d like to share some of it with you here. 5.1 Those who wish to keep a rule of life Must guard their minds. Without this guard on the mind, No discipline can be maintained. 5.2 Wandering where, the elephant of […]

Bodhi Day

2,550 (or so) years ago today a man sat under a tree. He saw a really divided world, where people struggled and argued and fought with each other, often over trivial things. He saw people who valued greed over kindness, He saw people who valued hate over love, He saw people who valued lies over […]

Bodhisattva Road: November 2017

Buddhism is Simple We think of the Buddha as this grand spiritual teacher, but what if he wasn’t? I picture the Buddha as a practical person. He was… Read more   Fixation There are times in life when we put all of our attention on something and we just can’t seem to stop thinking about […]

Analyzing Suffering

There is freedom in seeing our suffering as it really is. We can analyze our experience, seeing how we feel, who we are, and gaining some understanding into our habitual feelings and tendencies. In an analysis of ourselves we can come to understand that the core of our being is basically good and that we […]

Mirror of Zen

The Mirror of Zen is a text that was written by a teacher named So Sahn. He is one of the most revered Zen Masters in the history of Seon Buddhism. He was a Korean teacher and he tried to distill Zen teachings from over 50 sutras into a container that could easily be understood. […]

Bodhisattva Road: October 2017

The latest articles from my column: Bodhisattva Road you can subscribe to Bodhisattva Road by clicking here: Subscribe!   Mirror of Zen by So Sahn: Introduction The Mirror of Zen is a text that was written by a teacher named So Sahn. He is one of the most revered Zen Masters…Read more   Dharma Harvest I […]

I’m Trying to Be Openhearted. Don’t Bother Me. (video)

This teaching was recorded on 10/23/17 in my home in Kansas City Missouri. It’s about my experience volunteering with the Rime Center group and some visiting college students at Harvesters. But, really it’s about those experiences in life when we are closed off from the people around us for no reason. Let’s be open instead. […]

The Tattooed Buddha Podcast: Retreats

I’m a co-host on this podcast. It was recorded on 10/18/17 Click the link below to listen. You can also find it on iTunes.   The Tattooed Buddha Podcast: Retreats, the Good the Bad & the Monkey Mind — The Tattooed Buddha

New Book Project (Video)

I’m working on a new book. My intent behind it is encouragement. I want to encourage others (and myself) in cultivating compassion and wisdom. Here’s a short introduction. I talk about what I’m writing about and why, and include a couple paragraphs from the introduction. Tell me what you think in the comments. Thanks.

Just Try It And See

We don’t engage Buddhist practice because it’s what the Buddha said we should do. I think people lose sight of that sometimes. There can be a tendency at times to see Buddhist texts as magical truths because they’re Buddhist texts. Instead, we should judge all the teachings and practices based on their own merit. The […]