New Book Project (Video)

I’m working on a new book. My intent behind it is encouragement. I want to encourage others (and myself) in cultivating compassion and wisdom. Here’s a short introduction. I talk about what I’m writing about and why, and include a couple paragraphs from the introduction. Tell me what you think in the comments. Thanks. Advertisements

Just Try It And See

We don’t engage Buddhist practice because it’s what the Buddha said we should do. I think people lose sight of that sometimes. There can be a tendency at times to see Buddhist texts as magical truths because they’re Buddhist texts. Instead, we should judge all the teachings and practices based on their own merit. The […]

How Do I Avoid Being Aggressive in My Practice?

A reader says: “I recognize a habitual pattern, not to be aggressive about eliminating it. But then the self aggression in “I should be more patient, kinder, better organized, etc…” can turn into “You/they should be more….” So I guess the question is where to interrupt that cycle?” So, there’s this thing I always say […]

Bodhisattva Road September 2017

Chanting: What Is It Good For? Chanting is a practice that exists in most of the Buddhist world. It’s often used to prepare the mind for meditation, or to separate us… Read more Why The Buddha Matters I think we get distracted sometimes when we are talking about the Buddha. We can have this tendency […]

Buddhism is Simple

We think of the Buddha as this grand spiritual teacher, but what if he wasn’t? I picture the Buddha as a practical person. He was a lot more interested in what we can do in our lives than in complicated doctrines. That seems obvious. He came up with this unique idea, the truth of suffering and […]

Faith in Mind

“Simultaneously practice stillness and illumination. Carefully observe, but see nothing, see no body, and see no mind. For the mind is nameless, the body is empty, and all things are dreams. There is nothing to be attained, no enlightenment to be experienced. This is called liberation.” -Sengcan Faith In Mind is a long poem about […]

The Fourth Noble Truths: 8 FOLDS

So, what do we do? The Buddha gave us an outline called “the eightfold path”. This path gives us a practice to overcome suffering. There are these eight things that are conducive to our awakening, to helping us overcome our suffering by seeing reality as it really is. I’m going to go over those eight […]

The Third Noble Truth: All Things Must Pass

When I think of the Third Noble Truth, I think of that wonderful George Harrison song, “All Things Must Pass”. That’s really the message of this truth. All things come and go. And this includes our suffering. Our suffering is impermanent. And if we have a rational understanding of our suffering, then we know this. […]

The Second Noble Truth: Three Forms of Craving

Suffering arises out of craving, wanting, trying to get things or get away from things all the time. Craving often appears in 3 forms: Desire: This applies to both physical and mental desires. All the things and stimulation that we want. Existence: This is the our wish to avoid the fact that we will get […]