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Podcasts and Articles: Early 2019

Here are the most recent episodes of my podcast, Scharpening the Mind

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Insecurity: Part 1 – with Alicia Marley

With Thoughts Clear, Sitting Silently


Perceptions and Reality

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Guest Starring Alicia Marley

These are the most recent things I’ve written at other websites.

The Essence of Things | Spiritual Naturalist Society 3/14/19

We Already Have It (video) | Tattooed Buddha 3/13/19

Face What Appears Before You | Patheos 3/12/19

Sitting Quietly, Doing Nothing | Patheos 3/8/19

True Charity (video) | Tattooed Buddha 2/23/19

Metta (Video) | Tattooed Buddha 2/20/19

A Need For Clarity | Tattooed Buddha 2/3/19

Starting a Meditation Practice? | Tattooed Buddha 1/10/19


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