Lojong Teachings


Lojong is a set of techiniques for training the mind. These techniques are designed to open our hearts and awaken our minds. There are fifty nine slogans and they offer us a lot of help in transcending our egotism and putting down the baggage we are carrying.

The important thing about these teachings is that they help us to meet ordinary situations in life with a Bodhisattva state of mind. Lojong really involves making our views more expansive, cultivating a compassion that includes everyone.


Lojong 1: Train in the Preliminaries

Lojong 2: Bodhicitta Training

Lojong 3: Transformation Of Bad Circumstances Into The Path

Lojong 4: Make Practice Your Whole Life

Lojong Point 5: Evaluation of Mind Training

Lojong Point 6: Disciplines of Mind Training

Lojong Point 7: Guidelines of Mind Training


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