This is a monthly gathering. We meet on Saturdays, once every four weeks.


Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

4525 Oak Street
Kansas City, MO 64111

We meet up on the south lawn of the Nelson Museum and meditate. Meetings consist of a short talk and a little guidance, followed by sitting together with open hearts and awakened minds.

 Why meditate? 

Meditation has been shown to increase awareness, focus, and compassion, among many other benefits.

 Why meditate in public?

Because our practice should be taken out into the world instead of kept sheltered and hidden in sacred spaces. The world is a sacred place and we can show everyone the practice.

 We are trying to bring some awareness and positivity into the world instead of all the negativity we see all the time. 

Bring a cushion, blanket, or chair. Or sit on the grass.

 This meditation is led by Daniel Scharpenburg. Daniel is a Buddhist teacher and meditation coach. He teaches through the Open Heart Project and sometimes does public events like this.

Upcoming Gatherings: