I’m building a Buddhist community on the internet.

The fact is that there are a lot of people out there who want a Buddhist community but don’t know where to start. Or are far away from any Buddhist communities. Or who have had a terrible time trying to connect with Buddhist communities near them. Or who are just introverted and want to practice with a community without leaving the house.

Buddhism is for everyone, so it’s for you too.

My goal is to provide all of the things people can get by going to a Buddhist temple…over the internet.

I give precepts and Dharma Talks and I hope to at some point start teaching classes and leading discussion groups.

Go over to Morning Sky Zen and you can see what I’m working on.

You can also join the Facebook Group.

Do you want to become a member of the Sangha?

It was created with the purpose of serving people who want to feel like they are part of something.

If you’re interested in…

  • Meditation instruction
  • Learning more about Buddhism
  • Taking Precepts (becoming a Buddhist)
  • Having a teacher
  • Spiritual guidance
  • or if you just have questions

Then joining the sangha might be for you.