Silent Illumination (Mozhao)

This practice is rooted in natural concentration and observation in every activity, manifesting our Buddha Nature. This is a formless practice and is often simply called Sitting Zen. This isn’t limited to the cushion. It refers to of being rooted in whatever happens and practicing harmony in whatever we do.

Just Sitting by Daniel Scharpenburg

Silent Illumination by Sheng Yen

You Are Already Enlightened by Guo Gu

What is Silent Illumination by Simon Child




Meditative Introspection (Hua tou)

This is the practice of establishing observation through seeing or looking directly at the Heart of What Is. Asking the question Who? in all activities. Who is mindful of the Buddha, of the breath, cleaning the laundry, etc.

What’s this? by Daniel Scharpenburg

Basics of Huatou by Yao Xiang Shakya

The Hua Tou Method by Sheng Yen