I’m Trying to Be Openhearted. Don’t Bother Me. (video)

This teaching was recorded on 10/23/17 in my home in Kansas City Missouri. It’s about my experience volunteering with the Rime Center group and some visiting college students at Harvesters. But, really it’s about those experiences in life when we are closed off from the people around us for no reason. Let’s be open instead. […]

New Book Project (Video)

I’m working on a new book. My intent behind it is encouragement. I want to encourage others (and myself) in cultivating compassion and wisdom. Here’s a short introduction. I talk about what I’m writing about and why, and include a couple paragraphs from the introduction. Tell me what you think in the comments. Thanks.

Just Try It And See

We don’t engage Buddhist practice because it’s what the Buddha said we should do. I think people lose sight of that sometimes. There can be a tendency at times to see Buddhist texts as magical truths because they’re Buddhist texts. Instead, we should judge all the teachings and practices based on their own merit. The […]

The Fourth Noble Truths: 8 FOLDS

So, what do we do? The Buddha gave us an outline called “the eightfold path”. This path gives us a practice to overcome suffering. There are these eight things that are conducive to our awakening, to helping us overcome our suffering by seeing reality as it really is. I’m going to go over those eight […]

Bodhisattva Road: August 2017

This is a collection of my articles from Patheos: Buddhist from the month of August. Stress We often think of stress as something that happens to us, something out there that is disturbing our peace of mind. But is this accurate?… by Daniel Scharpenburg Read more   Great American Eclipse: Expectations and Wonder   “Listen […]

About a Buddha

Sometimes we just come to the Buddha’s story over and over, telling it in different ways. Gautama was the son of a wealthy king and he lived a sheltered life. It’s said that he didn’t even know about suffering and sickness and death, but that’s almost certainly not true. The story is that his father […]

Another Way of Doing Things?

I went to St. Louis to sight-see with my girlfriend last year. It’s only a few hours away, really. It was the city my father came from. It’s the city where I was born. We moved when I was still very young, before I was old enough to start school. I went there to try […]

Something is Wrong Here

We can sense a lack in our lives. We can sense it intuitively. Something is wrong. We often don’t know what’s going on, but we tend to feel like something is missing. We suffer, we experience pain and loss. Everything we need to handle what’s going on is right here, we just often fail to […]