Mirror of Zen

The Mirror of Zen is a text that was written by a teacher named So Sahn. He is one of the most revered Zen Masters in the history of Seon Buddhism. He was a Korean teacher and he tried to distill Zen teachings from over 50 sutras into a container that could easily be understood. […]

Bodhisattva Road: October 2017

The latest articles from my column: Bodhisattva Road you can subscribe to Bodhisattva Road by clicking here: Subscribe!   Mirror of Zen by So Sahn: Introduction The Mirror of Zen is a text that was written by a teacher named So Sahn. He is one of the most revered Zen Masters…Read more   Dharma Harvest I […]

The Tattooed Buddha Podcast: Retreats

I’m a co-host on this podcast. It was recorded on 10/18/17 Click the link below to listen. You can also find it on iTunes.   The Tattooed Buddha Podcast: Retreats, the Good the Bad & the Monkey Mind — The Tattooed Buddha

Just Try It And See

We don’t engage Buddhist practice because it’s what the Buddha said we should do. I think people lose sight of that sometimes. There can be a tendency at times to see Buddhist texts as magical truths because they’re Buddhist texts. Instead, we should judge all the teachings and practices based on their own merit. The […]

How Do I Avoid Being Aggressive in My Practice?

A reader says: “I recognize a habitual pattern, not to be aggressive about eliminating it. But then the self aggression in “I should be more patient, kinder, better organized, etc…” can turn into “You/they should be more….” So I guess the question is where to interrupt that cycle?” So, there’s this thing I always say […]

Faith in Mind

“Simultaneously practice stillness and illumination. Carefully observe, but see nothing, see no body, and see no mind. For the mind is nameless, the body is empty, and all things are dreams. There is nothing to be attained, no enlightenment to be experienced. This is called liberation.” -Sengcan Faith In Mind is a long poem about […]

The Teaching of Huineng

via The Chan Teaching of Huineng — The Tattooed Buddha Huineng was the Sixth Patriarch of Chan Buddhism. Chan is called the Meditation School. It was created as an effort to focus more on the core teachings of Buddhism: the cultivation of mindfulness and awareness. Chan Buddhism is focused on this life, here and now. […]

Too Busy to Meditate?

Also published The Tattooed Buddha There are a few things people often say in casual conversation when they find out that I meditate. I want to be very clear, this is what gets said in general conversation, not in a teaching context. “That’s so cool. I wish I could calm my mind down, but I […]

Kansas City Meditation Mob 8/5/17

I led a livestream meditation event at the Nelson-Atkins Museum in the Chinese temple room. You can watch it here.     If you like what you see here or it brings you some benefit, please consider leaving a donation. Even a dollar or two would be really awesome. Donate

When the Practice Doesn’t Fit — The Tattooed Buddha

  There’s a saying in the zen tradition that if you start to slouch, your mind starts to wander. I have found that to be true, but I haven’t heard anything about your hands feeling uncomfortable and the mind wandering. I think the same principle does apply. In the Zen tradition it’s often said that […]